We gathered at the Wilson Building Wednesday morning (September 20) in anticipation of the mark-up on the Homeless Services Reform Amendment Act of 2017. However, just as the mark-up was set to begin, we learned that it had been cancelled.  Councilmembers David Grosso, Robert C. White, Jr., and Trayon White, Sr. were present, and expressed that they didn’t intend to vote for the bill in its current form, but had arrived ready to vote through a series of amendments to change the bill significantly. We haven’t yet read through the proposed amendments, but it’s clear that significant community opposition to the Homeless Services Reform Amendment Act is being taken seriously by at least some of the Council members.

Cancelling the mark-up does not mean the bill is dead. It could be rescheduled for mark-up at any point by the Chair of the Committee, Brianne K. Nadeau. We continue to oppose this legislation, and any legislation that responds to housing instability by making it harder for people in crisis to obtain and retain shelter and housing.

Thank you for making your voice heard! Continue urging Committee members to #VoteNoHSRABill!

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