Top Ten Reasons to Join the Legal Clinic’s #GivingTuesday Campaign TODAY

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-10- Because your friends are giving. And you have smart friends. -9-  Because it’s so easy! (Just go here) -8-  Because having a stable home can change a child’s entire life. -7-  Because a generous donor will match gifts from other donors, dollar for dollar up to a total of $1,000. -6- Because you believe a more just and inclusive DC is possible. -5- Because holiday season is about more than holiday spending. -4- Because hypothermia season is upon us. -3- Because your support and partnership are crucial elements of our ability to be present to our clients in their most challenging times. -2- Because when the safety net fails, the Legal Clinic is there. -1- And the #1 reason to support the Legal Clinic through #GivingTuesday is … Because everyone deserves a safe and warm place to sleep at night. Everyone. Please go to our Donate Now page and lend us your support. Then we’d love to hear why the Legal Clinic is on your giving list. Support us, and tell us why you do @

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Discriminatory Development Practices And The Affordable Housing Crisis in DC

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Yesterday, Covington & Burling LLP, along with the Washington Lawyers Committee, filed a lawsuit challenging Mid-City Financial’s plans to demolish the 535 units of affordable housing that sit on over 20 acres of land and currently make up the community known as Brookland Manor. This represents a significant step forward in the longstanding battle to preserve affordable housing at this historic site in the Northeast quadrant of Washington DC. The complaint alleges that the current redevelopment proposal put forth by Mid-City seeks to exclude and displace up to 150 African-American families by eliminating family-sized units (three-, four- and five-bedroom units). The complaint further states that this elimination will have a discriminatory and disproportional impact on families with minor children. The lawsuit seeks an order from the court halting the proposed redevelopment, contending that Defendants’ proposal violates the federal Fair Housing Act and the District of Columbia Human Rights Act. For the last two years, the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless has represented the Brookland Manor/Brentwood Village Residents Association. The Residents Association is in full support of the above lawsuit being filed and stands in solidarity with the named plaintiffs to the action. All members of the Residents Association currently live at Brookland Manor and have been actively engaged in resisting the proposed demolition of their community. This resistance has come in the form of challenging the redevelopment at the Zoning Commission and working with their fellow residents to organize and take control of this development process at the grassroots level. The local community group ONE DC has also been a crucial ally to the Residents Association in helping to organize members. From the beginning, the Residents Association at Brookland Manor has been clear that they will not allow themselves to be displaced and have their community erased by this redevelopment.  Further, they have demanded to be treated in a dignified and respectful way by Mid-City. To date, the developer has balked at these notions of respect and dignity and has instead engaged in underhanded tactics to clear the property of existing residents in hopes of demolishing the building without the “inconvenience” of having to deal with the families that currently call this community their home. You can read more about these underhanded tactics here and here. Earlier this month, a private security company hired by Mid-City threatened to arrest organizers from ONE DC and some Legal Clinic staff at the property. The “crime” alleged by security was that the attorneys and organizers were attempting to speak to tenants at the property and inform them of their right to organize and of how the proposed redevelopment would affect them. Unfortunately, Brookland Manor is just one example of many instances of dishonest...

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Thank You!

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YOU DID MORE, so we can do more to bring justice to our neighbors who are homeless. Many thanks to everyone who donated and/or helped to spread the word about Do More 24. We were able to claim all $11,000 in matching funds, which gave us a grand total for Do More 24 of $23,980. That’s a lot of justice! We were among the top 10 organizations in terms of funds raised, out of 734 non-profits participating in the campaign. Thank you for believing in our work to: ensure clients are aware of their rights; provide access to justice; advocate for quality shelter and fair budgets; end the criminalization of homelessness; and preserve and expand affordable housing. Thank you for believing in a more just and inclusive...

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