Top 10 Reasons to #VoteNoHSRABill

1. You have not named one part of the bill that actually helps someone who is homeless.

2. People experiencing housing instability will be further marginalized and traumatized.

3. It hurts people AND saves zero tax dollars. Lose lose.

4. It does nothing to address root causes of homelessness (which you should totally do—ASAP).

5. It is premised on racist, classist myths that poor, black people partake in government benefits that they do not need or deserve.

6. It is a punitive approach to an affordable housing crisis. The only way it helps “move people through the system” is by coming up with new grounds to terminate them.

7. It will put DC residents at risk of freezing outside this winter. And the next. And the next.

8. It erodes the rights and services provided to the people who most need your help.

9. It does NOT ONE THING to make homelessness rare, brief and nonrecurring.

10. 45 organizations and leaders, and hundreds, maybe 1000s, of your constituents have asked you to fix it or vote no.

Top 10 Ways You Should Fix the HSRA Bill

1. End the Rapid Re-housing cliff. No arbitrary time limits.

2. Allow DC residents to provide evidence of DC residency that isn’t on an exclusive list.

3. Don’t leave families out in the cold because they can’t prove returning to housing is “impossible.”

4. Don’t give the Mayor power to “re-determine eligibility” without adequate protections.

5. Don’t allow the Mayor to emergency transfer people unless it is clear what the violation is so the client can prevent the violation from happening.

6. Ensure that families with kids with disabilities can qualify for permanent supportive housing if they need intensive case management services to stay in housing.

7. Ensure that people exiting hospitals, jails, or other institutions after more than 180 days are still eligible for shelter or permanent supportive housing if they’re homeless.

8. Ensure that people getting in-patient treatment or going to jail retain their right to return to permanent supportive housing.

9. Don’t expand the power to do emergency terminations when there is no immediate threat.

10. Add real solutions to homelessness.


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