The Legal Clinic stands firmly in solidarity with the Alabama Ave/13th Street Tenant Coalition as the residents take on the next phase of the fight to exercise their rights under the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act, and continue the struggle for healthy, safe, affordable housing in their community of Congress Heights.

We recognize CityPartners, its managing member, Geoff Griffis, and Sanford Capital as inextricably linked and responsible for actions that have resulted in harm to the health and safety of the residents of the Sanford Capital buildings in Congress Heights. The actions that have occurred at the hands of, or under the watch of, Sanford Capital and CityPartners place profit far above the dignity and wellbeing of the people living in these buildings, and have inhibited the tenants’ ability to exercise their rights under District of Columbia law. Actions resulting in slum conditions and displacement are unacceptable. Those who engage in such actions should never come out winning in lucrative real estate deals.

We are in solidarity with tenants resisting displacement and the erasure of their community. They are at the forefront of the fight to preserve affordable housing in a District where luxury development has become pervasive, fails to meet the needs of the existing community, and inevitably results in widespread displacement of low-income and working-class people of color.

The Legal Clinic has served as legal representative for the Alabama Ave/13th Street Tenant Coalition for the past four years, as they have endured abhorrent conditions at the hands of Geoff Griffis and Sanford Capital. We invite and encourage our community to join us in standing with tenants in saying ENOUGH and demanding that our elected leaders pursue justice and community-led solutions to the affordable housing crisis. Start now, and start with Congress Heights.

#StandWithCongressHeights #StopSlumlords #HousingIsJustice #HousingisaHumanRight


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