You read on our blog the past few weeks about families struggling with homelessness just a stone’s throw from our nation’s halls of power.  You saw parents and children interrupt the DC Council and ask their city leaders to invest in housing so that no family has to live on the street.  The Council will vote on the FY13 budget on May 15th. We’re down to the wire and it’s time to take action!


→ No families are getting into shelter until next winter… unless you act!

  • 100s of kids will sleep on the street, in parks or abandoned buildings.

 → There’s a $7 million gap in homeless services funding next year… unless you act!

  • Shelters will close! Half the beds will be cut for men and women next spring and more than 700 individuals will be turned out to the street;
  • Food, transportation, job training, outreach and other services will be cut; AND
  • No families will be placed in shelter except when it is freezing outside.

Everyone deserves safe housing, but that won’t happen without your help.  Kids like Tyanna are counting on you.   

Click Here to send a powerful message to Councilmembers.

 After sending your email, please share this link on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, your community listservs, and anywhere else you think of. The Council needs to hear loud and clear that this is a community priority, and you can help turn up the volume!