In Gratitude

Posted on Nov 21, 2018 in Clients, Homelessness, Housing, Justice, People | 0 comments

At this time of giving thanks, there is so much for which we are grateful. But we recognize that our bounty is not linked to the calendar, to be appreciated only in late November. Neither are the needs of those community members experiencing homelessness limited solely to the holidays, when we are more attuned to those who have no bounty. We thus commit to counting our many blessings throughout the year, and to do all that we can, whenever is necessary, to respond to our neighbors in need.

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The Latest on #StopDCGDemo: Keep the Pressure Up as Lead Findings Pause Demolition of Building 9

Posted on Aug 8, 2018 in Action Alert, Advocates, Client Victories, Clients, DC Policies and Plans, Homelessness, Housing, Law, People, Poverty, Shelter, Wealth Gap | 0 comments

The exterior demolition of Building 9 has briefly stopped after unsafe levels of lead were found in the ground just outside the building, but the Bowser Administration has not yet agreed to stop the demolition until the families are all gone.

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