A Journey Home

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We mark our 25th anniversary this year and look to this important occasion not as a celebration, but rather as a call to action.  With nearly 7,000 people homeless in the nation’s capital on any given day (about 40% of whom are in families), and tens of thousands of households struggling to find housing that they can afford, there seems little to celebrate.  To be sure, we’ve helped a lot of people move their lives to a better place, but so...

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{Client Victories – 6/14/2011}

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When Alison Battiste, an attorney with Kalorama Partners, first met her client, LB, at our Unity Clinic intake site, LB had no source of income and no place to call her own.  After many months of work, Alison won over $900 per month in Social Security disability benefits for LB.  But Alison didn’t stop there.  With income in hand, LB was able to qualify for subsidized housing.  Alison helped her work through some issues related to the lease up...

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{Client Victories – 5/16/11}

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Brianne Kucerik of Weil Gotshal worked tirelessly for more than 3 years on behalf of a client seeking SSI benefits, based on both mental and physical disabilities. After being denied several years ago, the client reapplied, and Brianne spent countless hours advocating for her with SSA, which finally paid off when she was awarded both Title II benefits & SSI going back to 2009. Thanks,...

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{Client Victories – 5/9/11}

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WLCH volunteer Ari Meltzer of Wiley Rein helped a client, whose mother had died recently, to establish that he was now solely responsible for his housing costs. This justified restoration of the client’s full SSI benefits. Thanks to Ari’s quick action, the client was able to remain in his housing and have enough income to pay for his housing costs.

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{Client Victory – 4/11/11}

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(Please Note: We post “Client Victories” each Monday on our Facebook and Twitter pages) JG was on the wait list for a Section 8 housing voucher for approximately 10 years when she came to intake and met with volunteer attorney Natalie Popovic.  She told Ms. Popovic that she had come in for a Section 8 interview three years prior but that every time she called the Housing Authority (DCHA) to find out when she’d be receiving her...

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A Victory on the Landlord/Tenant Front – But Still a Long Way to Go

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By Andy Silver, Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless Staff Attorney Imagine that you have lived in the same apartment for 12 years. One day you go to the rental office to ask if you can pay your rent a few days late because you get one check at the beginning of the month and one check in the middle. You have asked for this favor several times before and it has always been granted, but this time the new property manager says she just needs...

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