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JG was on the wait list for a Section 8 housing voucher for approximately 10 years when she came to intake and met with volunteer attorney Natalie Popovic.  She told Ms. Popovic that she had come in for a Section 8 interview three years prior but that every time she called the Housing Authority (DCHA) to find out when she’d be receiving her voucher, they said “soon”.  The client was living in transitional housing with her two daughters and was well past the time limit of her program and has been sued inLandlore/Tenant court.  Ms. Popovic requested her DCHA file and contacted DCHA to discuss the case.  She determined that JG had in fact reached the top of the wait list three years prior and provided DCHA with all necessary eligibility documentation, but DCHA had made administrative errors and failed to ever call her in for her voucher.  Within six weeks, Ms. Popovic had resolved the case through aggressive negotiations with DCHA.  The client now has her voucher in hand and will be able to move into permanent affordable housing.