Children are sleeping in bus stations, abandoned buildings, parks, laundromats, and emergency rooms because their parents cannot find affordable housing or shelter. The Gray Administration is refusing to serve any of these newly homeless families with housing or shelter, despite the fact that there are OVER 100 EMPTY SHELTER UNITS at DC General Emergency Family Shelter.  In addition, 65 fully-funded Local Rent Supplement Vouchers slated for homeless families have been held back by the DC Housing Authority.

It’s time to take action!  Click here to email Mayor Gray, Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Otero, Department of Human Services Director Berns, and DC Housing Authority Director Todman NOW!

Tell Mayor Gray, Deputy Mayor Otero, and DHS Director Berns:

  • House or shelter families with no safe place to stay TODAY! Don’t make families wait any longer for the help they so desperately need!
  • DON’T let shelter units sit empty while kids sleep outside!  Housing is better than shelter, but shelter is better than the street!

 Tell DCHA Director Todman:

  • IMMEDIATELY release the 65 Local Rent Supplement Vouchers to the homeless families that the vouchers were meant to serve!

Everyone deserves safe housing, but that won’t happen without your help.  

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