For nearly thirty years, on the Winter Solstice – the year’s day of longest darkness – our community has celebrated the lives and mourned the passing of our neighbors who have died homeless. In recent years, as the District has more fully embraced Housing First as a tool to house those who are most vulnerable, we have included in our Homeless Memorial Day observance those who died with the dignity of having his or her own home, after many years of struggle on the streets. Please scroll to the end of this post for information about tonight and tomorrow’s Homeless Memorial Day activities. And please join us in remembering these 132 community members.

Those who died homeless

“Bobby with a capital B”, Age 59
C.T, Age 58
Clayton, Age 60
E.J, Age 60
G.T, Age 61
Helen Buchanan, Age unknown
J.H, Age 41
J.Y, Age 37
James “Twirl”, Age 34
Jesse James, Age 62
Joe Doe, Age unknown
John Doe, Age unknown
K.L, Age 35
Leonard Hyater, Age 59
Matthew Farkas, Age 36
N.M, Age 56
P.C, Age 65
R.H, Age 62
Radcliffe, Age 72
Solomon Zawdee, Age 40
Susan Newland, Age 59
W.A, Age 71
Wanda, Age 62
Western, Age 60
plus 27 unnamed community members


Those who died after moving into housing

A.E, Age 58
Anthony Thweatt, Age 45
Arvelt Cob, Age 69
B.G, Age 39
B.N, Age 56
BM, Age 56
C.M, Age 51
C.Z, Age 59
Carey Brown, Age 55
Charles Davis, Age 55
Christopher Williams, Age 54
Darryl Goodwin, Age 56
E.S, Age 67
E.T, Age 55
Ellan Evans, Age 64
J.M, Age 71
Jackie Lawson, Age 57
John Thompson, Age 59
KcK.G, Age 53
L.B, Age 68
M.H, Age 62
M.H, Age 64
Norma Beckles, Age 75
PJ, Age 58
R.D, Age 61
R.H, Age 62
R.M, Age 65
R.Y, Age 76
Richard Knight, Age 59
RR, Age 61
S.F, Age 37
Saundra Brown, Age 64
Sean Anderson, Age 48
Shannon Scannell, Age 43
Stephanie, Age 54
Stephen Morneau, Age 71
T.M, Age 51
Thomas Taylor, Age 54
Wallace Henderson, Age 81
Wanda Burgess, Age 61
West Ashe, Age 66
WK, Age 61
Younjia Sherry, Age 81
…and 34 unnamed community members

Please join us, too, in committing to do all that we can to ensure that every District resident has an appropriate place to call home.

Events for Homeless Memorial Day 2018

Candlelight Gathering and Procession
Thursday, Dec. 20th
Luther Place Church (1226 Vermont Ave NW)
followed by processional to Freedom Plaza

Overnight Vigil
Thursday, December 20th-Friday, December 21st
7:00PM – 11:00AM
Freedom Plaza
(Across the street from the John A. Wilson Building: 1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW)

Advocacy Training and Council Walk-arounds
Friday, December 21st
9 – 11 AM
Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Memorial Service followed by lunch
Friday, December 21st
12:00 noon
New York Avenue Presbyterian Church (1313 New York Ave NW)