Yesterday, we shared The Fair Budget Coalition’s (FBC) recommendations for $100 million investment in affordable housing. Today, we invite you to join us and FBC in taking action to ensure that the city’s budget puts DC residents first.  Here’s why:

The Mayor is right now finalizing his budget, and he’s said that his ears are open to suggestions for how to spend the city’s money.

With just one click, you can let the Mayor know that the city’s budget should put people first.  The Administration needs to hear from all of us working and living in the District that we refuse to be drawn into a competition over inadequate funding. Vital services like homeless shelters, childcare subsidies, mental health services, and TANF all complement each other, weaving together the social safety net that helps move residents out of poverty. But these services, among others, have faced eviscerating cuts over the last 5 years. This year, DC Action for Children counted 1800 homeless children; the waiting list for public or subsidized housing holds over 67,000 households; the average unemployment rate in DC is 9.6% with the highest unemployment in Ward 8 with 21.6% (DOES).

No one should have to face these issues. DC was declared a Human Rights City in 2008, and our budget must be held to these standards. Restoring funding to critical social programs restores the dignity and respect for every person.

So please TAKE ACTION and tell the Mayor that we will not accept a budget that is balanced on the backs of our great city’s most vulnerable residents.

To read Fair Budget’s report with this year’s budget recommendations, click hereTo volunteer for the campaign (we could use you!), please email: or call 202-328-5513.