While the total won’t be finalized for several months, DC Government officials reported this morning that the District is on target to have a surplus of approximately $140 million as Fiscal Year 2012 draws to a close on Sunday.

In spite of such a strong end-of-year bottom line, DC’s Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi did not revise his revenue projections for Fiscal Year 2013, leaving “Wish List” priorities unfunded.

We therefore urge Mayor Gray to move a small portion of these surplus dollars to a non-lapsing fund to carry into Fiscal Year 2013, to:

  • close the anticipated $7 million gap in homeless services (which DHS Director Dave Berns reported would have “virtually catastrophic” consequences for individuals who are homeless);
  • provide housing or shelter for the many “Priority One” homeless families who have no safe place to stay; and
  • extend from 6 to 12 months the delay in implementing reductions in TANF benefits for those who have reached their 60 month limit, and fund hardship exemptions for families who need additional time to find work because they’re caring for children with disabilities full time or are facing other extreme hardships.

“One City” means a city for all, and Mayor Gray now can choose to use resources in a way that will make One City possible.