Keep the Door Open for DC’s Homeless Families

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The Bowser Administration has proposed amendments to the Homeless Services Reform Act that would impose upon homeless families in DC stricter standards for proving their residency and eligibility for live-saving shelter. We are concerned that the proposal will impose barriers that could prevent DC’s most vulnerable families from accessing desperately needed shelter. Set out below is a letter to the DC Council from the Legal Clinic and a number of our colleagues in the provider and advocacy community, urging the Council to provide an adequate opportunity for community input about what the impact of these changes will be. We hope you’ll join us in calling on the Council not to move the legislation forward on an emergency basis.

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For Kids with Asthma, Taking a Deep Breath Hurts

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“Take a deep breath.”  

How many times have we heard, or made, that suggestion? Doctors say it when they are checking our wellness. Nature lovers say it when they want us to appreciate the fresh air of the great outdoors. We say it to ourselves when facing a particularly challenging situation, or couple it with “and count to ten” when we need to keep our tempers in check.

For asthma sufferers, taking a deep breath is no simple task. While so many of us take breathing deeply for granted, those who endure asthma cannot. Each deep breath is a precious commodity, nurtured by maintaining an environment that keeps asthma triggers in check. Unfortunately, homeless asthma sufferers don’t have much control over their environments. They have to go where the shelters are, or they get no shelter at all.

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