Top Ten Reasons to Join the Legal Clinic’s #GivingTuesday Campaign TODAY

Posted on Nov 29, 2016 in #GivingTuesday, Action Alert, Fundraising, Fundraising Event, Non Profit | 0 comments

-10- Because your friends are giving. And you have smart friends. -9-  Because it’s so easy! (Just go here) -8-  Because having a stable home can change a child’s entire life. -7-  Because a generous donor will match gifts from other donors, dollar for dollar up to a total of $1,000. -6- Because you believe a more just and inclusive DC is possible. -5- Because holiday season is about more than holiday spending. -4- Because hypothermia season is upon us. -3- Because your support and partnership are crucial elements of our ability to be present to our clients in their most challenging times. -2- Because when the safety net fails, the Legal Clinic is there. -1- And the #1 reason to support the Legal Clinic through #GivingTuesday is … Because everyone deserves a safe and warm place to sleep at night. Everyone. Please go to our Donate Now page and lend us your support. Then we’d love to hear why the Legal Clinic is on your giving list. Support us, and tell us why you do @

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For Kids with Asthma, Taking a Deep Breath Hurts

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“Take a deep breath.”  

How many times have we heard, or made, that suggestion? Doctors say it when they are checking our wellness. Nature lovers say it when they want us to appreciate the fresh air of the great outdoors. We say it to ourselves when facing a particularly challenging situation, or couple it with “and count to ten” when we need to keep our tempers in check.

For asthma sufferers, taking a deep breath is no simple task. While so many of us take breathing deeply for granted, those who endure asthma cannot. Each deep breath is a precious commodity, nurtured by maintaining an environment that keeps asthma triggers in check. Unfortunately, homeless asthma sufferers don’t have much control over their environments. They have to go where the shelters are, or they get no shelter at all.

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