Background: B18-1059 was introduced by Councilmember Tommy Wells. After holding a hearing at which the public voiced unanimous opposition to this legislation, the bill was very close to being tabled (the vote was 6-6), but unfortunately failed and passed on first vote. The second vote on the bill will take place this coming Tuesday, December 21st . With your help, we are confident we can defeat this harmful legislation.

WHY: B18-1059 would do two things that threaten the lives and well-beings of our homeless residents: 1) It would require families who are homeless to prove they are District residents before they can access severe weather shelter or other emergency services on the coldest days of the winter, and 2) It would allow the District to shelter families in congregate settings, jeopardizing the health and safety of vulnerable children. The District’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer has confirmed that this bill will result in zero fiscal savings.

MESSAGE: “Do not support Bill 18-1059. While it does nothing to prevent a family from moving to DC to access shelter, it will put DC’s most vulnerable families and children in harms way on the coldest winter nights, and it will not save the District one dime. A vote for this bill is a vote against our most vulnerable DC Residents.

Please do your part today to help save DC Residents this winter and tell your Councilmember to vote no on this harmful measure:

Chair Vincent C. Gray,, 724-8032
At-large David Catania,, 724-7772
At-large Michael Brown,, 724-8105
At-large Phil Mendelson,, 724-8064
At-large Kwame R. Brown,, 724-8174
Ward 1 Jim Graham,, 724-8181
Ward 2 Jack Evans,, 724-8058
Ward 3 Mary Cheh,, 724-8062
Ward 4 Muriel Bowser,, 724-8052
Ward 5 Harry “Tommy” Thomas Jr.,, 724-8028
Ward 6 Tommy Wells,, 724-8072
Ward 7 Yvette Alexander,, 724-8068
Ward 8 Marion Barry,, 724-8045
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