​Yesterday, the Bowser Administration evicted dozens of unhoused residents from an encampment at New Jersey and O. Dozens of police officers and city workers evicted– with bulldozers, again— encampment residents after the Bowser Administration failed to house all of the people there. The park is now a “no tent” zone. No one will be allowed to return.

But despite what happened yesterday, there is hope on the horizon. Councilmember Brianne Nadeau announced emergency legislation that would prohibit encampment evictions and the creation of “no tent” zones while also addressing some of the health and safety concerns raised by housed and unhoused residents. The bill will be voted on next Tuesday, December 7, and needs 9 votes to pass.

We urge you to reach out to your Councilmembers today and ask them to “vote yes” on Councilmember Nadeau’s emergency legislation next Tuesday. Stopping these evictions will save lives this winter, and will put a stop to the increasingly aggressive and traumatizing tactics being used by the Bowser Administration to evict people living on the street.

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