We want to take this opportunity to welcome our newly elected Councilmember for Ward 5, Mr. Kenyan McDuffie!

Councilmember McDuffie boasts a very diverse career that clearly has embraced the ideal of justice. We’re confident he will bring all of his varied experiences to his position as a representative of not just his Ward 5 constituents, but of all members of our community. We’re hopeful that Councilmember McDuffie will add another voice in support of the needs of low- income and no-income residents in the District and that he will serve as an ally in the fight to make housing a human right in our nation’s capital.

It’s clear from Mr. McDuffie’s responses to Defeat Poverty DC’s recent candidate questionnaire that he’s got his finger on the pulse of this community’s needs.  When asked how he would ensure greater access to affordable housing for the District’s poorest residents, he raised the importance of investing in affordable housing programs like the Local Rent Supplement Program to solve homelessness.  He also responded that we must as a city prioritize “housing and resources for the homeless, and increase opportunities by not allowing homeless citizens to be punished, penalized, or marginalized because of their status.”   Music to our ears!  The Legal Clinic is optimistic that Councilmember McDuffie will use his time on the council to make these goals a reality.

As he stated in his thank you letter to supporters, “Now that the campaign is over, the real work begins. I will need your continued support and involvement.  I look forward to working with you to create the community we all deserve.”

Councilmember McDuffie can certainly count on the Legal Clinic’s involvement and support.  We look forward to working with him and his colleagues on the Council to make ours a more just and inclusive community.