It’s the time of year for ghosts and goblins, but the most frightening thing for DC residents is the looming crisis of homelessness and displacement. Approximately 8 million more Americans are living in poverty now than in May of this year. A recent report predicts that between 14,000-23,000 DC households will be at risk of eviction by January 2021. Studies estimate that homelessness could rise by at least 40%. The Council has taken some important measures to protect tenants during this public health emergency, but more is required. DC residents need widespread relief to prevent a wave of evictions and continued displacement from crashing down on the communities that have already been hit hardest by this pandemic.  DC Council must invest in an equitable recovery by:

    • Canceling accrued rent for those experiencing financial hardships so that they are not displaced once the moratorium ends
    • Vastly increasing the ERAP funds to match the need
    • Investing in truly affordable housing for households earning up to 30% of the Area Median Income
    • Funding more permanent vouchers to help residents secure stable housing and avoid further homelessness
    • Raising tax revenue to support the needs of DC’s low-income residents

DC has the resources to stop people from getting caught in the devastating web of displacement, homelessness, and trauma.  DC Council must be bold and proactive in investing in the needs of DC residents and preventing further harm.

Let DC Councilmembers know that now is the time to do MORE.

  Name Email address Phone
Council Chair  Phil Mendelson (202) 724-8032
Ward 1  Brianne Nadeau (202) 724-8181
Ward 2  Brooke Pinto (202) 724-8058
Ward 3  Mary Cheh (202)-724-8062
Ward 4  Brandon Todd (202)724-8052
Ward 5  Kenyan McDuffie (202) 724-8028
Ward 6  Charles Allen  (202)724-8072
Ward 7
Vincent Gray (202) 724-8068
Ward 8
Trayon White Sr. (202) 724-8045
At Large David Grosso (202) 724-8105
At Large Elissa Silverman (202) 724-7772
At Large Robert White Jr. (202)-724-8174
At Large Anita Bonds (202) 724-8064