Today, December 21st, is the Winter Solstice, when darkness lasts longer than any other day. Since 1990, December 21st has been marked as National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day, a day to mourn the loss and celebrate the lives of our brothers and sisters who have died while homeless.

It has been far too dark, for far too many people, for far too long. At the DC Memorial Vigil this afternoon, 43 names were read of men and women who died in and around DC this year.

We must work together towards a day when there are no names to read. We must work together to be the light that brings an end to the darkness of homelessness.

In Memoriam

William Bailey
Kenneth Ballard
Tommy Bennett
Alvin Best
Peter Bis
Bob Bourban
Albert Boyd
Frederick Brockington
Zachary Brown (who died just short of his 30th birthday)
Clark Carvaly
Robert Chambers
Misty Clanton
James Ralph Davidson
Augustus DeGrazia
James Diggs
John Doe
Renee Farmer
Alfonza Flythe
Maelloyd Garner
Dehab Gebrichristos
Harvey Gillian
James Glover
Michael Harmon
Mark Harrison
Joann Hollis
Betty Jones
Saccora Jones
Cornell Lawrence
Joe Lewis
Mia Means
Charles Mills
Tyrone Murray
Billy Ragan
Melvin Riley
Terrence Bowie Robinson
Jesse Smith, Jr.
Janice Stafford
Richard Starnes
Joy Stribling
Leroy Studevant
Catherine T.
Lorenzo Tinsley
Marcellus Wilkerson